Fun, food, music and bees!


World Bee Day In Milwaukee

Event Overview

Start the celebration at 10am in Redeemer Church with an Interfaith Bee Worship -  the congregation will be invited to wear wings and antennae while enjoying Chant Claire Choir buzzing with experience.. Stay for the sonic bee meditation. Following the Worship, the building transforms into a hive of activity with a BeeBQ lunch, live music, presentations, interactive artwork projects and of course the chance to meet our rooftop bees and experience healing from the hives. Later, BeeVangelist, Charlie Koenen, gives the Keynote address before leading a swarm into the Redeemer Sanctuary where Willy Porter will perform. The evening ends with Jaymes Finlanson's musical buzz sendoff. There will be stations and helper bees soliciting donations throughout the day.


Bees In Milwaukee

World Bee Day In Milwaukee's fundraising efforts will go to building awareness and actual design and construction of a Slovenian Bee House on the grounds of the Order of Sisters of St Francis in Bay View. Ongoing funding and sponsorship will support a beekeeping school and visitation center.


Unlike our "traditional" white, stacked box beehives. Eastern European Beekeepers have for centuries been keeping large numbers of smaller colorful boxes built together in house structures. This idea of distributed colonies vs the American big box beehives is what we hope to introduce. Beekeeping for the bees. The Slovenian Bee Houses hold dozens of hives mounted within a wall. Each opens into the inside like a kitchen cabinet and the frames are inspected by pulling them out like hanging folders of honeycomb and bees. Beekeeping is made easier and more protected. Glass partitions can isolate the beekeeping operation while giving space for education, observation and rendering activities. Apitherapy or bee healing is also practiced throughout eastern Europe in the bee houses. 



Starts at 10am with an Interfaith Bee Worship - The congregation will be invited to wear wings and antennae and enjoy a service with bee stories from many religions and faiths. Chant Claire Choir provides the singing. Stay for the Sonic Bee Meditation by Liam O'Brien or head down for a free BeeBQ and an afternoon of live music activities and information. 

At 12:30pm, Frogwater begins playing outside at the Bee Mural Stage. Upstairs in the Pollination Zone, we'll have fun for the whole family; Candle-dipping, Swarm Bee Making and Beebox entrance painting. Come Meet the Bees on the rooftop and learn about them from our guest speakers and vendors. Activities move between the Bee Mural Stage, the Pollination Zone and the Church Sanctuary Stage (see schedule here)

Julie Thompson plays at 1:45 in the Church Sanctuary Stage. Following a talk by Bryan Bergner, former country club grounds manager,  Jack Tell plays outside at 2:30p.  followed by D'Amato in the Church Sanctuary at 3:15pm.

At 3:45pm BeeVangelist Charlie Koenen gives the Keynote address ending with a a swarm procession to the sanctuary where Willy Porter will perform. Don't miss the surprise ending at 6pm with Jaymes Finlanson's magical buzz sendoff.

There will be stations and helper bees soliciting donations throughout the day.