World Bee Day In Milwaukee


10:00am Bee Worship with Chant Claire Choir inRedeemer Church

11:20am Proclamation from United Nations Association of Greater Milwaukee

11:30am Sonic Buzz Meditation—Liam O’Brien

              Following the Worship, the building       
                transforms into a hive of activity

12:00p-1:00pm Grab a table outside or in cafeteria
and join our noon-run neighbors for a picnic lunch. 

12:30pm   Frogwater  plays at the Bee Mural Stage 

1:00pm    Katie Bolan Bee Mural Stage 

1:00pm    Pollination Zone Activities in the Auditorium
                Beeswax Candle Dipping, Encaustic Wax                         Painting, Pinecone Bee Swarm Making

1:30pm    Julie Thompson on the Church Stage 

2:00pm   Bryan Bergner speaks on the Church Stage

2:30pm   Jack Tell plays the Bee Mural Stage outside

3:00pm   Tim Wilbanks speaks outside at the Bee Mural Stage

3:30pm   D’Amato on the Church Stage

4:00pm  Charlie Koenen Keynote in the Auditorium

4:30pm SWARM from the Auditorium to the Church

4:30pm  Willy Porter in the Church Stage

6:00pm  Bee Day Wish

6:00pm Jahmes Finlanson performs a Bee Blessing

6:15pm  OLB Message Sendoff